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you said miami was going to win, and you said lebron was great. both were proved wrong in the finals.

People picked the celts/lakers because they had won the championship the last 3years. So generally you dont count a champ out til they lose. It wasnt a stretch to see miami and dallas in the finals once boston and LA were knocked off. So no need to pretend like your prediction was anything to brag about, and neither is picking them to win next year. They are the odds on favorites.

And for all the talking you did pre knew some of it would come back. I like how your tune has definitely changed tho. You are bragging way less. I'm sure other heat fans probably wouldnt have called you a douche if you acted this way previously. Hopefully it was just a case of you getting over excited and you really arent that way.
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he's just the resident off-topic ball breaker. Dont take it personally.
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