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I got halfway through page 2 and was about to post shocking comments about other guy's 02s and thier low mileage when i realized someone revived an old old thread!

Guess i'll toss in my issues while i'm at it. 02 i bought at 80K now has around 125K 4 yrs later. Previous owner ignored goddam EVERYTHING on the car. Just yesterday i finished replacing the RTABS and now she's all done.

Outside of normal tune up/maint shite...
rear shocks
front struts
control arms
sway links
rear shocks
front ball joints
drive belts (cause of thermo)
rear window regulator
valve cover gasket
passenger front cv axel

Oh and the comment about Xi's part pricing i agree with. It's total bs our parts cost so freaking much. Especially when theres more of them to replace!

edit: shoot forgot about both rear springs and radiator hoses done as PM as well from thermo

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