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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
PSS9's are the end for you? Or are (3 way adjustable racing type) coils just best for specific tuning?

BTW, can a M3 fit 18x10's and wide tires up front?
PSS9's can't take anything higher than a 700 spring rate (I'm already there) and at that rate I'm going to have to have them rebuilt every year. A suspension like Moton's have endless adjustments. The problem with a single adjustable shock (like koni, bilstein, etc.) is it adjusts both rebound and compression at the same time. You may benefit from one but not the other. A suspension like Moton you can not only adjust dampening and compressions seperately but you can adjust high and low speed compression and dampening. Like you said, it's all about the fine tuning. Plus with the motons I can run the 900 front and 1100 rear spring rates that I really want to run. A primarily flat track like HPT greatly benefits from a lot of spring.

Do I need Motons right now at my currently driving level, no I don't. Will I need them within a year or two as I progress, yes. If I want to podium that is.

The M3 can fit 18x10 with 285's up front no problem but you need at least 3.5 degrees of negative camber.

Edit: After speaking with a few people I've decided on the brakes and I'm pulling the trigger as soon as I hear back if they will fit or not. For my current level of driving I will benefit much more from a bbk then I will from a suspension that I really don't know how to adjust.

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