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DIY: Coming-Leaving Home for e46

So this will be my first DIY, so please don't judge to hard

I was looking for a simple way to implement a coming/leaving home function for my bimmer! Most of the new cars have it, so I thought there must be a way to put it into the e46 as well.
(coming/leaving home is switching on the lights when you lock/unlock your car)

So I don't want to tell you guys the whole story how I finally did it, only how it works!!

You need:
- a relay for each version
- some wire
- T-connectors (or you solder it)

First of all you have to remove the glove box to get access to the GM. After that remove the cover which is under the steering wheel!! Now you can put one or two cables (depends if you only want coming or leaving home or both, see attached document) thru the center console. On the glove box side connect the cables with the right cables of the GM. Then you can put the glove box back in.
On the driver side connect the cable, which comes from the GM, with one end of the control loop of the relay. Connect the other end of the control loop with ground. I connected it with the ground of the power outlet in the ashtray.
Now you have to put a cable from the LSZ to the load circle of the relay! It is very important to put a 1200 Ohm resistor between that cable (see drawing)! If you don't put a resistor between it, you will get a dysfunction.
I soldered it into that line and put some heat shrink tube around it, so that the resistor is secured.
Connect the other end of the load circle also with ground.
After that you are ready with the wiring. Hide the relay/relays and the cables and put everything back together.

That's it, now it will switch on the light when you lock or unlock your car (depends on the version)!

If you know somebody who is able to code the LSZ, you can choose which lights are used for the mod! I use the fog lights, the turn signals (constant) and the taillights.

I changed the MOD a little bit for myself. I'm using a circuit board which detects if it's dark or not. So the mod is only active when it's getting dark. But I don't have a connection diagram for that circuit so I don't implement it here.

I will make a video when I get my bimmer back (has some mechanical problems actually)!

If you guys have any questions, just let me know!!

Hope some of you will enjoy it

Special thanks to macmac from, he helped me a lot and finally it was his idea
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DIY: Coming/Leaving home for e46!

Offer special coding / european coding in Austin, TX! Just contact me ;)

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