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Originally Posted by Hartge50 View Post
I actually tried crossfit one time and it was one of these special events. The event was called "Fight Gone Bad". That isht was serious!! I think it was 5 or maybe 6 different exercises which you had to finish in 15mins and do as many reps as possible and jump from one exercise to another with 1 minute rest in each 5/6 exercises. 3 rounds and you're guaranteed to be exhausted.

FGB was the first CF WOD that I ever completed as well.

I was at the CF Regionals at CSULB this past weekend. Lots of good competition, and one of the guys from L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is currently in 2nd place. There was an unaffliated athlete, Jeff Bridges (..1st place at the Regionals), who came in and broke a world record. He left the Regionals affliated with a team based out of San Diego.

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