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Well, I drove a 2003 M3 cabrio today. Was is pretty good condition, only 42k miles. Alot of it seemed to be original. My dad and I just figured we would see how it was.

Handling was great. Wasn't quite as planted as the porsche, but that doesn't surprise me. Really, it would be a pretty big upgrade from my car and would keep me happy for a while.

Power was where my dad was more disappointed. It didn't feel (0-60 in 5.4 sec) fast. Didn't even feel that much quicker than my car. The reason for this? I found three:

1. It was a convertible. That adds like 400 lbs IIRC, and we had three people in the car. I was comparing it to my car, being driven alone, with 115 lbs taken out of the back, so weight was a big factor.

2. Gearing. The stock M3's are geared quick, but not too much quicker than my car. With a 4.10 rear diff it would have way more torque multiplication and would probably pull a good bit harder.

3. Torque. The S54 engine just isn't a torquey engine, plain as that. A stock M3 will dyno anywhere from 220-230 rwtq. Compared to my 330, witch will probably pull close to 210-220 rwtq. Honestly, the M3 doesn't FEEL all that much quicker, just because of the torque and the weight.

That said, once the power kicked in it did seem quite a good bit faster, obviously.

What my father takes from this is that he likes his porsche. Its light and feels like its way faster just because of the torque, even if it does 0-60 in 6.0 sec . The best part about the M3 that I think he liked was that it was a manual.

What I took from this is that I want an M3 even more. Its comparable to my car in daily driving but much faster on the track. Chassis would be stiffer on a coupe, and the suspension would be much more planted. For the time being, that won't be great for my learning, but oh well.

I think I entertained the salesmen pretty well. He chuckled when I started doing rev match down shifts, especially on the highway - into 2nd

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