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Originally Posted by aznazasin View Post
^^^^ I gotta say bro....perfect fitment (offset, stretch, camber)

knocked em all down
thank you sir. I have been messing around with 19s for long time now. i think i may be ready for 20s. love your set up!

Originally Posted by OrisuE46 View Post
holy sh1t, Sin3! how do you not rub at all with that setup!

It does rub believe me.... here is a shot of my front fender. I had to cut the plastic trim. and from the picture you can see how bad it rubs. Form > functionality

Originally Posted by d'ray18 View Post
SIN3 you are doing it right!! Specs please
thanks man! just trying to keep it clean. I want to go lower but think i am done with 19s. I really want 20s now. I am tired of rocking spacers, becuase that is potential lip that I can have. But to get the wheels the way i want i have to upgrade to big boy rims. The Modular Society wheels I want are $1200 each!!! yikes..... Wifey is going to kill me. I know i have been talking about getting my 20s for who knows how long. But the full set up with tires is over $5000. Almost dont want to spend that much on wheels. But at the same time i do....


19x9.5 et 10 (w/spacer)
19x10.5 et -8 (w/spacer)
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