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Originally Posted by msa6 View Post
And I seem to have managed to have misplaced the "sticky foot" that came with the Parrot (anyone not using theirs?). Guess I'll use some double sided tape.
Yes I have one if you need it. It doesn't have the original double sided tape on it anymore but I have some stuff that is very similar. You can also trim the visor clip and esseniatlly make the same thing. Let me know if you would like me to send it to you.

re: taping it in place - I'm a big fan for having this mic exposed & in the clear. Meaning that if you flush mount it I think it cut the mic sensitivity too much. I have recently moved my mic to the top of my mirror & I had to adjust it's postition a few times to expose it enough. Too many variables.

Originally Posted by msa6 View Post
Okay one more...I don't have the "whining" noise that others have posted about, but I'm getting random "cracks" or "pops" when I listen to the radio. These are new since the Parrot was installed. Any thoughts on whether the Parrot might be the source, and what I might do about it?
Damn, that's not good. It's actually not the Parrot but the Connect2 interface. I am not using this exact setup so it's a little outside of my knowledge base. I know people have had noise issues when in a call that have been traced back to the Connect2.

Does anyone else have a better memory than me??
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