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Originally Posted by SIN3 View Post
thank you sir. I have been messing around with 19s for long time now. i think i may be ready for 20s. love your set up!

It does rub believe me.... here is a shot of my front fender. I had to cut the plastic trim. and from the picture you can see how bad it rubs. Form > functionality

thanks man! just trying to keep it clean. I want to go lower but think i am done with 19s. I really want 20s now. I am tired of rocking spacers, becuase that is potential lip that I can have. But to get the wheels the way i want i have to upgrade to big boy rims. The Modular Society wheels I want are $1200 each!!! yikes..... Wifey is going to kill me. I know i have been talking about getting my 20s for who knows how long. But the full set up with tires is over $5000. Almost dont want to spend that much on wheels. But at the same time i do....


19x9.5 et 10 (w/spacer)
19x10.5 et -8 (w/spacer)
Damn Sin3, I love your new setup!! sick!!

Just throwing it out there since you mentioned going for 20s..

I have a set of Rays progressive DE 20x9.5 and 20x10.5 +24.. brand new in box, are for sale..

05 E46 M3 ZCP
TCKline Coilovers
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Macht Schnell wheel spacers
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ADVAN RZ-DF 19x9.0 +22 / 19x10 +22
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