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Originally Posted by d'ray18 View Post
My thoughts exactly Thanks for the specs! Man, don't change a thing, set up is perfect; so clean, so aggressive, so very right. If you want to dump thousands more into your ride, might as well save up and HPF it and then be king of the road
thanks b, but i had a few boosted cars already (integra,prelude,s2000,Is300, G35) so i am over boosting. I like to go slow and low.

Originally Posted by Midnight Run View Post
Damn Sin3, I love your new setup!! sick!!

Just throwing it out there since you mentioned going for 20s..

I have a set of Rays progressive DE 20x9.5 and 20x10.5 +24.. brand new in box, are for sale..
thanks for the offer man but my next wheels are going to be flat lip, chrome 3pc bling bling... i am sure you'll sell those in a heart beat. GLWS!
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