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I wouldnt recommend them. Not reliable at all.

I PM'd him about parts and he (Patrick) never responded. This has happened several times.

He lies about competing vendors along with other unethical things Id rather not say.

He claims (in threads) to match prices but when it comes to it, he refuses. Even after being a good customer and spending over $2k.

He overcharges you on shipping. In fact, I paid for UPS shipping and it was sent USPS. A cheaper and slower method.

Too many red flags with this vendor.

Try these vendors. They're BMW dealers with online internet divisions. (Tischer BMW) (Husker BMW)

Personally, out of ALL the vendors Ive dealt with, Tischer BMW has the BEST customer service. They answer questions and provide service with a smile. You might pay a little more, but you'll be CONFIDENT your order will be correct and if not, any corrections will be handled as expeditiously as possible and with a smile. Everything about their operation is professional.

If you do a search, you'll find a lot of complaints with BMWpartsource.

Here's one unsatisfied customer:

Originally Posted by Blocked Out View Post
My order with was for a CCV kit and I received it in a timely matter. Looked at content and the 11 43 1 740 045 O-Ring, Oil Dip Stick Tube to Oil Pan was missing. I thought maybe its just somewhere in the box, but surely enough the invoice did NOT show it as being a part of the order.

Contacted Patrick, showed him a copy of the invoice, he acknowledged his error and agreed to send me the O-Ring for free. So I began waiting.

That was 3 weeks ago, to be exact 01-06-2011, 11:52 PM.

After seeing no O-Ring in my mailbox and NO updates whatsoever for 2 weeks, I contacted him again asking for an update on this.

I get a message "This is Richie, I am filling in for patrick who is out sick. What part number are we to send you and to what address?


I get frustrated as I already know it wasnt sent, so I tell him my address again. That was on 01-24-2011. Sent him another PM yesterday asking if it was shipped or not.

Still No response.

Bad, Bad customer service !

I dont care that the O-ring costs a few cents or what, I simply want to be treated like a customer. And if I paid for something I want to receive it or at least some type of update on the case. were however VERY good at giving me a quote and sending me an invoice for my purchase, but later disappeared.
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