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Originally Posted by JKOGREY View Post
okay guys, i am new to this forum and actually a member at another site but this forum had the most information regarding the no reverse issue. i read this thread thoroughly and this is what i have gathered:

1)my tranny is a GM bc my production date is 2/2000

2) it could be a simple fix as the TCC-PWM solenoid but prolly more in depth like a valve body problem

Here is my problem, my reverse goes out (only twice so far) and will come back after driving. I took my vehicle to a tranny shop and he stated that my solenoid checked out correctly and it is more like an internal problem like a reverse drum clutch. BUT when i read this thread along with other linked threads, the reverse drum clutch is only a problem for the ZF trannies.

1) If my vehicle was produced before 3/2000, is it GUARANTEED that my tranny is a GM??

If so, then is this tranny guy just blowing my lid so he can charge me more?? I really need your help guys because he is wanting to charge me $2100 for a complete tranny overhaul plus the HARD parts. I know compared to dealership and other tranny shops his price is a steal but if i don't really need to replace the reverse drum clutch, then why do it, right???

What do y'all think??
The Reverse Drum is not the problem in your car, it is only for the ZF, you have the GM5. Well, your car came from the factory with the GM, and odds are strong that this is what it has, but there are no guarantees unless you are the original owner and you did not to a transmission swap.

The Reverse Drum is a fatal condition, when the car stops going in Reverse, it will never go in Reverse. The solenoid will allow the car to selectively go into Reverse, or not, depending on conditions that only the car knows. Sometimes it will not go into Reverse at the start of a drive cycle, other times it will not go at the end of the drive cycle. Sometimes it will go into R at the beginning and end of the drive cycle, but not in the middle. The only thing that is always true is that the problem becomes more and more unpredictable, and the car always goes forward.

You have the bad TCC solenoid. You need a complete flush to include the torque converter, and the new solenoid.
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