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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Sounds good. I think its also an educational event (versus a normal autox, where you get very little instruction)

Ive decided what I'm going to do is make three albums for brad, ryan and devak. Its going to be up to them to put whatever they want on FB.

FB limits me to 200 photos per album, so I would just end up with a bunch of albums of other peoples cars. (took about 150 - 190 per each person, many are duplicates )

Ill put a couple up though

Hopefully, by then end of the night all of the videos will be up on my youtube channel (andy2108), but I havent named, tagged, or edited them yet since ive been organizing a bazillion photos





Hopefully by the time you guys are reading this most of the stuff that I'm uploading will be up
You're the man Andy.

Edit: I love the pics of turn 12 the second one back before the front straight where I damn near have two tires in the grass. Now that's using all the track.

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