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Originally Posted by LivesNearCostco View Post
Put in new ET last night, I think it's a Myele. New one made October 2010. Old one made sometime in 2007. Also put in new ET cap, MTC aluminum thermostat and fan switch sensor from ECS Tuning refresh kit, new upper and lower radiator hoses, new hose from ET to water pipe, and two new power steering hoses. I re-used my old coolant level sensor but am now thinking it might not be working because when I push the ET float all the way down and hold it there with a screwdriver, I don't get any coolant level warning lights.

Didn't change my water pump because supposedly last cooling system refresh put in an EMP Stewart pump. So I will be selling a new, unused Geba water pump.

The two coolant hoses I didn't change (and probably are originals) are the ones to the heater.
The bobber (float) is only for your visual coolant level inspection. The electric one underneath the ET works independent and isn't touching any liquid.

BTW, in my opinion there is not much difference in the ET tanks. They don't blow up cause of who made them they blow up cause the aux fan relay most often fails and doesn't run at the correct high speed when the coolant is hot. The cap also fails as it should relieve any pressure before the tank explodes.

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