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Originally Posted by rohde88 View Post
are you referring to the brightly colored Olympic plates? They're actually less dense, they can bounce on the ground...

Someone explain why the Crossfitters aren't just an extension of hipster eliteness? All this talk about paleo diets, who decided cavemen were the strongest of all mankind? WTF is wrong with fruit? were tropical cavemen weaker than midwest cavemen??
Thats kind of what its become, or at least the presence you see on the internet at least. The affiliate I go to on occasion has mostly just ordinary people that work normal jobs and arent hipsters at all. They are just people that wanted a different kind of workout than going to a normal gym and doing three sets of ten on 6 different machines and then doing the elliptical for 30 minutes.

A lot of the stuff you are mentioning is the stuff spouted by the typical CF d-bag out there. The same kind you get in every crowd.

Like I've said before. I like that CF has brought power and olympic lifting to the masses and gotten people out of the mind set that you have to run 5 miles 5 times a week, but the rest of it, no thanks.

I'll stick to lifting heavy, running fast, and eating meat and natural foods (fruit included).
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