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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
ohh i see.

I thought you could eat fruit on paleo diets. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm really getting interested in these types of workouts/diets. After dropping the fat I wanted to, I'm looking into setting my garage up into a very simple weight room. I have a weight bench and I think if I picked up a squat rack I'd be good to go for what I plan.

where can you buy those types of weights?
You can eat fruit on the paleo diet.

Yeah, if you had a squat rack you would be good to go.

They are called bumper weights. They are made of high compression rubber that you can drop without messing up your floor, the weights or your bar.

If I were you I would check out Rogue Fitness. They have really good deals most of the time and reasonable shipping prices.

If I were starting a home gym I would get a good bar (~$250) a pair of 45lb bumpers plate (~$125) and a pair of 25lb bumper plates (~$70). Then you can add in iron plates from craigslist to get to the weight that you need.
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