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Another bump - Just wanted to say THANK-YOU! for this. It wasn't really too hard at all! Probably the most mechanically inclined thing I've ever done, and it wasn't too bad at all. Coming from someone who has very limited mechanical experience.

The only thing I scratched my head at was...

"3. Using Tool 15 disconnect the hard top attachment and move it aside (see Image07 A) - both sides."

Looking at the pictures, and my car side by side - I didn't know what to unbolt. Couldn't see any bolts in the picture, or on my car for this. In the end I decided maybe I don't have any sort of hard top attachment (Thought you bought those when you bought a hard top?) and skipped this step. Had no issue beyond that.

Tested by dumping a good liter of water over the hole on each side - No backup,plugs, or anything - It all drained out under the car after blowing the lines out with an air compressor.

I'm really happy with this, thanks a million!
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