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Has anyone opened the large hex bolt connector into which the LF-30 High Pressure Hose fits. HP connecction is 17 mm flare hex, and connector is about 26-27mm hex fitting. Remove that and you should find the pressure relief valve. Can I just clean that sticking control valve (stuck open so no pressure develops) with solvent and then flush immediately with Dexxron III ATF to restore my PSP to service? I would rather undo those 2 bolts clean the valve, drain, drain and flush the PS fluid and then button up the system rather than throw money at the problem. Anyone have experience cleaning and reinstalling the pressure relief valve (AKA control valve)? ANyone have diagrams of the LUK LF-30 control valve. Schematics looks much like those of Honda and Lexus and 95-96 Toyota Suppra so I assume cleaning and servicing would be similar. Thanks.
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