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Originally Posted by EDawg View Post
from the looks of it, you need to continue to reduce it some more. you're probably simmering at too low of a heat. crank up the heat a bit more to accelerate the evaporation. heck, if you're really impatient, you can probably crank up the heat to high for a few minutes to get rid of that extra moisture till you reach the thickness you want.
I let it simmer overnight, I think ~12 hours total, but next time I try it I'll crank the heat up a little more.
Originally Posted by EDawg View Post
also, you should cook your pasta till it's slightly firm, drain it completely without rinsing, and then toss the pasta into the finished sauce, crank up the heat a bit, and let the pasta finish cooking in the sauce. the pasta will not only further help to soak up more moisture from the sauce, but will also make the pasta more flavorful and adhere the the sauce better.
That's a great idea. I had some more last night and it was a little better with the tomato paste added, but it still wasn't thick enough.
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