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Ceiling missing!
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Originally Posted by TwoFa****rYa View Post
Can you post some side shots, and rear shots please? Im lovin those wheels...Would like to see full shots please
Haha I'll get right on it, I didn't take a side shot of the 10.5 in the front because I was in a rush to rebuild my rims. I put the 8.5 back in the front and 10.5 in the rear and repolished the rims. Going to repolish the face when I find new barrels.

So far, the 10.5's will fit in the front won't poke that crazy either. And I'm planning to upgrade the 8.5 to an 11, the rims are a 2pc so it's a pain in the ass. I'd have to buy a outter and inner barrel and turn them into a 3pc to make it fit nice. Or find a 2pc barrel that's ready lol.

Also, just did more research and they are iForged Triumphs, although I do have a set of senekas coming in real soon.

Here they are curbed up

Here they are after hours of polishing and sanding

Pulled into my driveway on my bike and that **** literally was blinding the crap out of me.

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