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Originally Posted by AndrewBigA View Post
whats up mang? when we doing up the RR? hit me up on the textsssssss.

Curly, Imma check you on Sat afternoon

Originally Posted by daonly1 View Post
hey yooooooooooo u know who it is ! Bump for a great guy !!!!!!!!
whats good fam

Originally Posted by buddah View Post
ayooo met a few of your M boyz a few weeks ago at Play Lounge in Queens...especially that silver vert with the HPF under the hood!
I know that guy, kool peoples )

Originally Posted by Izquierdo View Post
OP is the dude with the HPF.

And what's going on Nick? Finally made your way to e46fanatics I see.
ayo danny ayo danny, whats good, i know. i here and lets get this **** popping.

Originally Posted by agentMi6 View Post
It's about time boooooyee! Welcome Nick.. Hey what ever happen to the updates I'm suppose to get on the meets going on? Shoot me a pm
mang I have no idea about this forum **** until as of late. so whats good. add me on facebook - send me a text also, 9178609437 - I push it out this way.
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