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Originally Posted by lemining View Post
Just an update. I have replaced camshaft position sensor (intake) and maf. No more error codes.
However, despite having no errors car behaves weirdly.
When I try to lets say join the traffic (so quickly accelerate), it seems like it doesn't want to accelerate, its is very sluggish. Almost caused an accident couple of times already trying to join a busy traffic when my car wouldn't accelerate until raves got higher (around 2k rpm). It only happens sometimes.

I though that camshaft position sensor replacement would fix this issue. Is there anything else I should look at?

Hi Friend. I know its been a month since your post, and don't know where you are on it... but I have the feeling your problem may have gotten better by now?
You mentioned you replaced the MAF, when you do that, you're supposed to reset the adaptive values for that in the DME. The DME will adjust itself as far as it can to comensate for the readings from MAF, and if it was bad, I am sure it had adapted quite heavily., So when you put on the new part, it still has adpative values from the old.
It will eventually re adpapt, but may run like hell and could cause other probs.
You mentioned you had INPA, and got the codes from there, you are also able to do this with INPA...
Also, the codes you read were engine codes, you do not mention that you read the EGS (transmission codes).. If you went to failsafe, there are some stored there. (they will still be in there if you didn't clear them)

I did have a question, as I am trying to solve a similiar issue after rebuilding trans... , How did you know to change CPS sensor? What was the reason you changed it? and has the transmission issue gone away? or still more probs?

Please update!... thanks.~!

I am chasing down an issue, after my trans was rebuilt and drove fine for a week, I am now getting gear monitoring (gear ratio) codes,.. the trans was checked out of the car and shown to be fine.

Even the dealership said I need another trans!.. but I confirmed that they did not check anything other than drive it and read the codes I already told them it had..

I know it is a computer or possibly solenoid problem., but chasing it down is very time consuming. thanks!
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