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pm sent.

Are you still in the market for a zhp? If so, I saw your thread and I have a six speed silver gray '04 330i with the zhp package over with alcantara interior with 67,xxx miles.

The car is equipped with xenons headlamps, heated seats and a sunroof. The only thing it does not have on your want list is the navigation.

I am the second owner purchased CPO'ed with warranty coverage that ended just last year 2010. I have the complete service history in a binder. Recent maintenance off the top of my head include:

Manual transmission flush
Brake pads/rotors (all 4 corners) with brake fluid flush
New Thermostat
New headlamp lenses/fog lamps
Inspection 2 @ 65,000miles (oil, oil filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, cabin filter, brake fluid flush)

These are the issues most recently addressed. The history of course goes further.

My biggest peeves on the car consist of:
key'ed drivers door
knick on passenger front fender (occurred from someone bumping me while the car was parked downtown)
Then of course stone chips on the front end as a large amount of mileage acquired on this car was though highway use.

I have the original zhp exhaust (currently has a Highline catback exhaust) and can negotiate a price for the two other sets of wheels (Both oem winter/summer wheelsets)
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