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Originally Posted by bimmer4life88 View Post
Hey Steve, I know this is an old thread, but I just installed my PA12 and love it so far. Sounds quality is great and the unit is quick. I have a 2001 330ci w/HK and I have to press the "m" between left and right seek buttons to skip 10 tracks. When in random mode, it does not do the fast forward feature you described as earlier. I tried just holding seek too....no luck. Also Iphone 4.0.1 only seems to work in Direct mode. Anyone else have luck with fast forwarding on new PA12s? The user manual doesn't even mention the random function.

-PS nice iron ring in the video, just got mine recently from McMaster
Hi, glad to hear that the install went well & that you like the sound.

You have a combination the I have no direct exposure to - a Business CD HU pre-2003 and a iPhone with os4.

USA-Spec has updated their manual and they explicitly say that they support os4. I don't know where you bought your unit, but from your description of hitting the 'm' key to skip, it sounds like a recent version. They have definitely changed the behaviour of some of the functions. Please see section 3.1.2 of the current manual:


They also have this note:

Note: By setting DIP # 3 to OFF position, radio button will be back to
single-press operation mode but text display feature will be disabled

It sounds like you either have dip switch 2 or 3 in the off position. The new manual really doesn't cover the function of dip sw 3 that well & doesn't talk about the function of dip sw 4 at all.

Can I ask how you have them set? With 2 through 4 in the on position, playlist mode should work as well.

Another thing you may want to try is an older iPod, but the easiest way to know for sure is to read your firmware version of the sticker on the PA12-BMW and email their tech support and ask them about it. They are pretty quick to answer.

Please post your progress to keep others informed.

Congrads on the ring I'm an old guy - Ryerson '93 - the second year that they were allowed to hand out degrees. I grew up in Chippawa before going to school in 89. Inlaws are still there. My nephew also just finished his first year of engineering @ Mac. Nice school.
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