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It was a scorching, but productive 4th of July weekend.

On Saturday, Oscar (omhl) came over for a CDV delete on his new-to-him E46 M3. Ended up flushing the the clutch hydraulics because the fluid looked worn out.
Rick was over as well to have his strut hats replaced. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and he headed back. Meanwhile, Miles and I spent the day running back and forth between Lowe's stores to find all the components to build some shelving in the garage. After we finally had all the pieces and assembled it, we organized the garage a little.

On Sunday afternoon, fellow E30 owners Eric and Nate came over to help out with my E30 rear wheel bearings. Not an easy job by far, but we were determined to get the job done in spite of the sweltering heat. The axles were relatively easy to drive out with a 2-jaw puller, but the SIR B90 hub and bearing extractor that I purchased for this job didn't work well for the rear hubs. The press would squeeze the parking brake shoes rather than the trailing arm, which was troublesome and my slide hammer backup plan unfortunately came to a halt because the foot would not fit the 4x100 bolt pattern hub. We decided to disassemble and remove the parking brake assembly and used some sockets as spacers to press on the trailing arm as we extracted the hubs. The hub on the left came off very easily without taking the inner bearing race with it (phew). The right hub with the very worn bearing wasn't as cooperative. Nate and I went out in search of a bearing splitter at 7pm on the Sunday before Independence Day. Needless to say, that didn't work out. Frustrated and nearly ready to give up and wait until morning, Nate came up with a genius/insane plan to use two vice grips to barely grip the lip of the inner race and the inner end of the spindle to pop the race off bit by bit by locking the vice grips. It worked! After 10 minutes of careful locking, the race was far enough off the spindle for a 2-jaw puller to pull it off. Apart from that, the extraction of the bearings and reassembly of the rear end went smoothly.

Today (Monday), DJ Reminisce (Kayvan) came over in the morning to have his blown OEM suspension replaced on his ZHP coupe with a Ground Control spring and shock setup. The rears went in without a hitch, but a stud on the strut hat on the driver's side broke free, rendering the hat unusable. We decided to hold off on the fronts as the new struts did not come with new hats and Kayvan would have to order new ones.
Later in the day, Rick and I took another look at his PSS10 setup, which we had confirmed to be an M3 setup instead of a non-M setup. Rick had purchased M3 strut hats to swap onto the struts in place of the ill-fitting non-M hats. The hats installed without too much trouble and even corrected the front camber. We'll have to add the correct support plates at a later time to get the strut shaft to sit properly, though.
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