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The Official Science Thread

I've decided to make a dedicated thread that I'll bump instead of making a new thread every time I find something worth posting. Here's today's offering:

Pretty epic timelapse from southern Australia

Some details on an HD streaming camera to be installed on the ISS. We'll be able to access a site and get near-realtime HD video of the earth with resolution that rivals google earth
The high resolution camera will offer a video image with a resolution that is comparable to much of Google Earth. This will give users the unique opportunity to see man-made objects and groups of people and to search for videos of particular locations. It will be possible to zoom in and out, virtually steer the camera from side to side, rewind and fast forward as they investigate areas of interest on Earth. The web platform also gives users the capability to constantly track the location of the ISS anticipating the exact time when it will pass over a particular geographic location.

New type of propulsion: Fusion Thruster

John J. Chapman, a physicist working for NASA has presented an idea for a new type of fusion thruster for possible use by space traveling vehicles at the IEEE Symposium going on in Chicago this week. In the presentation, as explained on IEEE Spectrum, Chapman suggests that boron be used as an "aneutronic" fuel source, stating that doing so makes the energetic particles easier to deal with than traditional materials.

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