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Originally Posted by lutzperformance View Post
Have you done a subframe re-enforcement? Or had your current subframe inspected? Definitely a must do!
Nope but i can get under there and check it out, its been on the list to do. I might as well just go ahead and get the reinforcements than just so i dont have a mess in the future right, they always say do it right the first time right??? lol

Also do i do front and rear? Or just rear as thats the one to mainly fail?

Originally Posted by Deah7 View Post
Beautiful car! I think what most people say is make sure to do a compression or leakdown test just to make sure the car can handle the boost. I want to go FI Also, just a personal opinion, I say you go TT even though I know AA is great too.
Yeah im leaning towards the TT kit. Ive seen their cars in person and was on a caravan with one of them, those things pull like crazy! Only thing keeping me away is that i feel a supercharger is a little bit more reliable dont u think? But the positive thing about the TT kit is that ill get rid of my crappy SS rep headers and have a solid exhaust manifold in place, plus a cat. converter that comes with the kit.

Originally Posted by Mirko View Post
Just a heads up but I dont think you can do pullies with the super charger install.
hmm guess your right, i would do them if i went turbo though.

Originally Posted by TxZHP04 View Post
Definitely do subframe reinforcement. Skip the pulleys and instead of the AKG motor mounts, get either the BimmerWorld solid rubber mounts or stock M3 mounts. I'd also recommend a fresh fuel pump if one is not going to be included with the kit you buy.
Why not AKG mounts? Ive read they dont provide much NVH and have lasted very long, and the improvements are night and day. I def need new mounts as i can see the indentation of my power steering resovior on my sound deadening mat.

And fuel pump/ fuel filter check.

Thanks guys, anything else you would recommend?
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