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Originally Posted by steven747 View Post
stewart water pump,

and also i thought i read somewhere that e9x m3 engine mounts can fit or might just be e46 m3 mounts?

op what kinda brake setup do you have?

maybe a bbk for the front?
Yeah stewart water pump for sure, read good things about them.

Right now i have stock brakes, i think BBK is overkill for a street car. Ill probably upgrade to some slotted/cross drilled rotors and upgraded street pads.

Yeah actually ive been doing alot of research on engine mounts lately, and i found out that the only engine mounts that you can purchase have been upgraded to the e9x m3 mounts. Which fit all e36, e46, 1 series and e9x chassis.

Originally Posted by MaverickM3 View Post
Both AA and Technique Tuning are great companies. Cant go wrong with either one.

Nick at TT is a great guy to work with.

TT web paige for their kits on the 330..
Stage 1 - 315whp / 300wtq -
Stage 2 - 375whp / 370wtq -

See Sig.. I love the TT turbo kit. Picks up full boost at low rpm and doesn't let off. Looking forward to going stage2.
Yes they are def awesome companies, and i love the fact that both are right down the street from me!

If i go TT im just going to stage 1 as i dont want to dish out all that money for head gasket replacement and such. So my plan is if i go TT to rock the stage 1 setup for a while as i rack up some more mileage on the car lol. Than once i feel its time and i get a new daily, ill dig into my motor hardcore. Ill go stage 2 and tear apart my engine, get the heads machined get all new rods and pistons. Upgrade to some schrick cams, get (davids or daniels?) upgraded oil pump and ATI damper. Just pretty much fully rebuild the engine.

The thing is i dunno if i wanna go that route, or just get an AA blower and have some fun with it and use that money i would put in for a stage 2 TT/ engine rebuild and buy myself a mint ///M and work on that.

Decisions decisions lol. But this baby is definitly getting some FI.

Anything else you guys would recommend?
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