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Originally Posted by AW330 View Post
Hey guys hows it going, finally bit the bullet and made the decision to go FI. Car is payed off and i feel its time. I just have a few questions for all of you gurus out there. My car is an 03 330i and currently at 99k miles and im pretty sure i need to prep up the engine with some maintanence before going FI.

Heres the deal though, i live in south florida and have 2 great shops with kits around my area. One being Technique Tuning and the other Active Autowerke. Still debating which kit to go with, either stage 2 AA or stage 1 TT. Which do u guys think would be more reliable for a daily?

Also here are the mechanical mods my car currently has with maintanence that have been performed.

-F1 racing LTW chromoly flywheel with sachs clutch kit
-Pilot bearing, Pivot pin, Clutch fork, T/O bearing with sleeve replaced
-UUC Black Poly Tranny mounts w/ enforcers
-UUC Delrin shift carrier bushings, all new OEM shifter bushings
-BMW performance SSK
-SS replica headers
-Exhaust cut before 2nd resonator, 2 single 2.5 inch Magnaflow mufflers to custom dual center exits. (Adding Supersprint x-pipe)
-Vanos seals replaced at 80k with new VCG.
-Meyle HD FCABS with replaceable ball joints at 85k
-Velocity Motorcars adjustable endlinks
-Rokkor Tuning coils (replaced all strut mounts etc.)

What i plan on doing before installing FI

-TMS power pulleys
-Complete Cooling system overhaul including all hoses etc.
-Spark plugs
-Replace all vacuum hoses in the engine (noticed many have been cracking/ breaking off)
-AKG Motorsport Polyurethane 80a black engine mounts
-Change MTF
-Change Diff fluid
-Fuel filter
-Leatherz VDO guage panel (Boost, Oil temp, oil pressure)

Thats all i can think of right now, is there anything else that you guys would recommend to swap out/ replace? If so you guys would be a great help. Thanks in advance
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