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Originally Posted by malina View Post
AW330, since your ride is lowered already, keep in mind that with AA kit you lose protective under engine panels and some clearance due to the intercooler pipings (unless the kit has been redesigned).
In a daily commute turbo will provide more driving pleasure, IMO, since you don't need to rev past 4000 RPM to feel some torque. Drive both and decide for yourself.
This is true, everything is still up in the air though. I really cant decide, viral sent me a PM with his number so im gonna give him a call as well as contact TT. Im going to do some hardcore research before i decide which kit to go with.

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OP, is your car auto or 5spd??
its a 5 spd, i currently have 1100 miles on the new clutch. Its a f1 racing stage 1 kit which is a lightweight chromoly fllywheel weighing at i believe 14.8 lbs and a sachs clutch disc and pressure plate. When i had the tranny out i also replaced everything except the rear main seal as it still looked brand new. I got a new pivot pin, pivot pin clip, pivot arm, T/O bearing, T/O bearing guide tube. I was going to get a new slave cylinder but mine seemed pretty good so i kept it.

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Have spare cash on hand.. things WILL break...

and have fun dude.. welcome to club PSI
haha yeah i bet, thanks bro!
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