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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
And speaking of getting training, I need to comment on instructors. I recently had a discussion with a guy who was thinking of getting his Permit To Carry Instructor Certification so that he could do his own permit to carry classes. Everyone and their cousin in Minnesota is doing them now, and it's a joke. Aside from the state-mandated curriculum, there's lots of bad information being put out in regards to carry methodology, tactics, and gear. Anyways, the guy asks me what he could do to be a good instructor. I told him exactly what I thought. He wants to do other instruction later on as well, so I told him that people should want to learn from him because they want to know what he knows and gain from what he has to offer. With most carry permit instructors, people go to them because it's the cheapest rate in town and they solely want to get their certificate. People typically don't go to carry permit courses to learn anything substantive about actually carrying.
Case in point: my little brother just turned 21 and went and got his certification. The guy he went through had people with .22LR target pistols and scoped hunting revolvers in his class for the qualification segment.
Now, long ago, I decided that if I did decide to start teaching permit to carry courses, that I would do it in no less than 2 days of instruction and shooting, and that all students would be mandated to use a weapon they could feasibly carry.

My point is, if you are going to take instruction, do yourself a favor and invest effort into your learning experience. Pick a good instructor that has good reviews for good instruction and presentation, and not for class passing ratios. This will benefit you greatly. I look at it akin to buying a bird dog from an experienced award-winning breeder rather than from a puppy-mill.
I agree 100%. Funny thing is...I am not a NRA certified instructor...plenty of them pimp people on my range...even some young guys that want to ask me if I need training....LOL. Watch out for them....they are all about the money. They like to carry pretty business cards also....ROFLOL. I had one ask me what gun I was shooting....was just a Glock....

EDIT: I would not call myself a gun expert, ammo expert, or instructor...I just have hands on experience and carry a weapon 365 days out of the year. I consider myself a normal American. My friends...they hunt game...I call them the experts. I was never a game hunter. I Am sure I could do OK with my AK-47 on a hunting trip though
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