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Originally Posted by coco savage View Post
Secret santa for coco...
that actually would have been an awesome gift too

Originally Posted by sgplayer69 View Post
yeah Indian food is the only thing that gives me bad squirts, occasionally really spicy mexican food

Originally Posted by alwaysbored786 View Post
i envy your pooping capabilities

Originally Posted by 05M3SMG View Post
Just ordered this :p... Am i going to die when i eat it?

I will suggest two things

When you receive it... take a quarter teaspoon and hit it straight up so you know what you are dealing with. It will hurt, but man up. Keep it in your mouth for a few seconds, then try to swallow LOL.

Scoville Units for my bottle is roughly 1,000,000, per the manager/owner of Jaba Foods. With something this hot, I highly suggest you keep it away from any type of acidic food. I've put this on a cheesebuger (flip burger on the grill, dowse, cover with cheese, omg so good), spicy tuna roll (amazing), and a couple drops each on some naked fried chicken.

I suggest you NOT put it in any tomato based dishes... I had it in chili and regular pasta, and the acidity of the dish kinda makes the spice extremely overwhelming, piercing almost.

You would be suprised how much of it you can actually use when used with the right type of food. Great flavor, and surprisingly, the heat isn't excrutiating. I took about a teaspoon of my sauce on a piece of spicy tuna maki, literally the entire piece on top was covered... it hurt, but I didn't even break a sweat.

One surprising thing that I didn't expect. That night I had it with the sushi, i had a pretty decent amount, then the last piece put the cherry on top. The inside of my mouth and my jaw was in pain for 2 days. lol
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