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Thanks for the input guys! I will keep posted after I do make the fluid change on my transmission. I also will hope to break that myth too MACK89

@ White Knuckles - I clearly state that I added the "Transmission Fix" in the transmission and the "Full Synthetic Stabilizer in the engine. These two different products aren't what you would call "mixing". These products are simply additives to the current fluid the vehicle has. What I meant about "mixing" was to avoid "mixing" Royal Purple to replace the OEM for example. Those additives are simply there to make my fluids perform better as like your statement in blue as I quot... "Anything made can be made Better" that's just what I did, I made my fluids better. I am sure at one point or another you have used additives too! I also stated that I trust Lucas Products bc they GUARANTEE their product and stand by their product. If adding this additive to my transmission caused it to break... They will pay 100% for any damages or replace it with a new one... Verified BTW at 951-270-0154 - customer service. =)

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