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Originally Posted by carcus View Post
I agree 100%. Funny thing is...I am not a NRA certified instructor...plenty of them pimp people on my range...even some young guys that want to ask me if I need training....LOL. Watch out for them....they are all about the money. They like to carry pretty business cards also....ROFLOL. I had one ask me what gun I was shooting....was just a Glock....

EDIT: I would not call myself a gun expert, ammo expert, or instructor...I just have hands on experience and carry a weapon 365 days out of the year. I consider myself a normal American. My friends...they hunt game...I call them the experts. I was never a game hunter. I Am sure I could do OK with my AK-47 on a hunting trip though
Within the LE/SWAT/Tactical community I run around with or associate with, it's pretty well established that NRA certifications are like welfare checks- easy to get and most people don't deserve them.
The only NRA instructor certifications that are actually somewhat deserving are the LE firearms instructor courses, and even then they're still not as good as those you can get from other places.
I support the NRA, but far too much credibility is associated with their name, IMO.
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