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Originally Posted by Chad54827 View Post
I have a manual 325ci e46. the problem is that when it hot out a fan (i think the auxiliary fan) keeps running till the battery goes dead. Also when its warm out the A/C stops working, or comes on once in a while. i know it's the fan in between the engine and radiator because i have been unhooking this harness so my battery doesnt keep dyeing. All the research i have done sais that on my car the relays are built into the fan and i have to raplace the whole fan, but when i got to this site i got confused

im not sure if it's the "Cooling Fan Assembly with Shroud Located between radiator and engine" or the "Auxiliary Fan Assembly with Shroud Located in front of radiator"

has anyone else had this problem or know what fan i should replace?
...maybe this was a simple brain fart on your part (or a missunderstanding on mine while reading this), but if you are unplugging the "Cooling fan in between the engine and radiator" and that stops it from draining the battery, then the one listed as such will be the part you need. So pass on/don't get the "Auxiliary Fan Assembly with Shroud Located in front of radiator" and get the other.

Is your question more of "Do the two fans share a common plug and therefore I don't know which one is the culprit because I can only unplug both and not isolate which one is causing this"? that case for help because I don't know
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