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Originally Posted by GoingNuts View Post
My BMW recommended oil lasts 30k miles or 2.5 years whichever comes first. Are you willing to categorically state your Amsoil oil will out last mine ?
not wanting to revive a old thread, but i had too

yes it probably will...synthetics last a ton longer than traditional oils. I remember when synthetics first came out they would label the bottles, 15k oil changes on them...

Fact of the matter is, the reason why bmw can allow 30k intervals is partially in how the motor works and better filtration not just the oil...

and since you have a 30k interval it leads me to believe you have a newer bmw say a e90?

by your standard, i can walk into bmw, buy their 5w-30, go get a motorcraft $2.99 filter, throw it in my oh i dont know f150 and go 30k miles...ummm i would think not. Even if its the exact same oil you use in your bmw.

Amsoil actually has things in their oil that the are the same things that 'european' oils have...that is high levels of phosphorous 1000ppm+. Amsoil doesnt have their stuff rated, at least in racing applications, because they dont want to pay the $300,000-500,000 fee associated with registering their oil formulas to api etc, nor do they want to pay that same fee for everytime they change the formula. Which in the racing industry can happen 2-3times a year.

Bascially amsoil, doesnt have the millions to throw around like shell or castrol or exxon.

You want to know if your oil is good enough or if amsoil is good enough. Lab tests show that they are just as good or better than the stuff you shove into your bmw...
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