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Originally Posted by EricAire View Post
hey fellas bad news... so i went to pick up my car today since i was working yesterday, he said "i changed your rotors, pads, sensors (for breaks) and radiator for 800$!" i went to BMA they told me 150$ for ceramic pads, top of the line rotars and they were gona give me a sensor too... (just for the front two) so double it 300$... he told me he paid 140 (his cost) for the radiator... so 440$ so that means hes charging me 360$ IN LABOR! now he wants to work on my motor, he said i blew my head gasket, and my 2 coils are messed up... for changing those its gona cost 1500$... i dono if its just me put im thinking hes asking for TOOOO much
The $360 for labor on all four brakes and radiator isn't really could get it done for a bit less, but not a lot more. Second, my radiator cost me $140 also, so that's a decent price.

$1500 for a head gasket and 2 coils isn't crazy either. You don't want someone low balling head gasket, but you also have to be prepared to hear your head is cracked/warped and needs replacement or milling...I don't think they can know with certainty until they open it up to look at it.

It's not every shop that will do this kind of work...for many, suggesting you just drop in an engine for that actually gets close to the same price at some point, but a shop that can do this work sounds like they know what they're doing, and around NJ, that would be a fair price.
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