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Distilled Water Instead?

Originally Posted by silber92 View Post
I just did a cooling system overhaul on my '03 330CiC (5 spd) yesterday, which went off without a hitch thanks to great write ups like this and having a Bentley on hand. One thing I would highly recommend while you're in there is to spend another 10 minutes and pull the radiator. It's amazing how much crap and crud collects between the condenser and the radiator. While you've got the radiator out, you can back fllush it with a garden hose, and use compressed air or the hose to blow years and miles worth of leaves, bug bits and debris from the fins. You can do the same thing to the condenser, although compressed air is the way to go unless you want to soak your garage...

Unfortunately I didn't have a camera handy, but R and R is covered pretty well in the Bentley manual, or I bet there's a DIY on here too. Basically it's two plastic 'bolts' that hold it in from the top, although the manual does miss one torx bolt near the upper hose neck that helps secure it. Take those three out, tilt back from the top and lift. That's it.

Well worth the effort.
Just a thought: based on what I know (and I realize I don't do this for a living), you don't want to run tap water through the radiator, as the minerals in the tap water will cause corrosion inside. So, if you are flushing the radiator, you should use distilled water. Cheers
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