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That's quite a squeal! Are you sure the tensioner pulley isn't on backwards? The torx-head bolt doesn't stick out as much on mine.

Squealing could be coming from AC tensioner or A/C compressor pulley/clutch, alternator pulley, water pump bearing (not pulley), or P/S pump bearing. Or one of the new pulleys (tensioner or idler) has a bad bearing. I suggest remove A/C belt and see if it still squeals. If yes, turn off motor, remove main belt, then run it for <20 seconds to see if it still squeals. (You might get a CEL since the alternator won't be running.)

Most likely it will still squeal with just main belt on. Turn off motor and spin each pulley (except crankshaft) by hand to see if has loose play in bearing or squeaks when turned with belt off. Pay special attention to new tensioner and idler pulleys. Could the pulley be on backwards, have a dust shield on the wrong side of the pulley, or be missing a washer? Could the idler pulley be in the wrong position? It has a bump that fits into a notch and needs to be lined up before you torque the idler pulley bolt.

Your tensioner pulley doesn't look right to me.
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