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Wow, this was easy! Much easier than getting into the doors of the Passat I used to have to repair the window regulators. Thanks for the directions on getting into the door.

A couple of thoughts/suggestions where I differed from the OP:

-- Go to Harbor Freight and spend a buck or two on a trim removal tool rather than a screw driver. Mine (don't remember where it came from) looks like a miniature plastic pry bar, and 1) doesn't scratch the paint and 2) gives you a lot more leverage to pop the clips holding the door panel

-- What I did to disconnect the power mirror switch was remove the interior door panel, then pop the switch out from the inside of the panel and disconnect it, so I had the panel completely free and set aside.

-- My rattle ended up not being the loose Torx screws in the window carrier. Instead, one of the nuts (top, rear of door) holding the window regulator had loosened and vibrated off. I found the nut (10mm BTW) down in the bottom of the door skin and grabbed it with a pair of long nose pliers and reinstalled it. No more rattle.
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