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Originally Posted by Arty View Post
I understand this. My question was about the difference in the mileage of the DME and original EPROM.
When the chip was moved over from the original cluster the chassis number would match up, that is what triggers the tamper dot. A difference in odometer readings wouldn't.

As for the mileage, all items that store mileage readings are updated to meet the highest reading in the system. Your keys actually store the odometer reading too, if you give them to the counter at BMW they can read it off. A key may not be used for months, as soon as you put it in it takes the highest mileage reading. This is one of the problems of buying a new cluster if you are going to recode it. The mileage has to be less than your current one (or you have to have it programmed BEFORE you connect to the car).

If you plug it in and it updates the system with a higher mileage you then would need to get all the modules recoded.
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