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Originally Posted by UberBimmer View Post
how can you call sales jobs dead end niche jobs? Im 23 making over 100k a year in the mortgage business I have been doing it since I was in High School and making damn good money. I could leave my job right now and start a brokerage and make well over 200k but Im comfortable and have benefits etc BTW my VP of the company pulls in about 300k a year and he started out in sales as well. That was a pretty generalized statement.

USC You do commerical financing.. PM me You do realize you dont need a license to become a broker for commerical real estate. At least not in MD or VA you could start a broker and make tons of money with the contacts you have already made. I know guys that do commercial and they make like 50-60k per loan. they might only do 5-10 a year but do the math.
Wow, little do you know. My best friends dad did the EXACT same thing as you. Start as a sales rep out of HS was making 100k or so a year, became the leading sales rep in the country for his company, became the VP of sales making well over 500k a year. Went in for a meeting with the president of the company, the president asked him where he went to college and he told him he didn't. He got fired on the spot.

So you ask how its a dead in job? Thats how. Leading salesmen in the COUNTRY and he gets fired.
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