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I learned the hard way yesterday that you cant jack up one side at a time of the front and put it on stands easily; I had the front right on a stand@ the jackpad, and was slowly jacking up the left, when i heard an odd "scrunch" sound, the car didn't seem to move, but i went around and checked the passenger side to find the stand up into the side skirt It had slid about 1-2" off the pad.

2.75" x 1" hole punched right through, thankfully it didnt seem to bend the body shell behind it any.

I jacked it back up by the pad and extracted the stand, then decided to do my brakes one corner at a time with the stand under the closest pad!

My 2003 sedan has the oval shape and it looks to be pretty crushed already, so next time i do the oil i will jack from there.

I did make myself some nice 2"x12" mini ramps to gain clearance for the low profile jack to hit the area in red others have referred to, next time i will try jacking from the oval and putting the stands under the framerails.
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