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I finally got off my lazy ass and bought it and went through the install.

For those interested, I DID manage to find an extension cable for the iPod interface, so I am able to fully realize my original goal: neatly stash the USA-Spec inside the trunk and route the ipod cable cleanly all the way from the trunk to the armrest.

I did not have to tear open any cushions/linings etc as in delmaro's pics (which made this kind of scary in the first place), and I didn't even use a coat hanger.

I simply routed the cable through the collapsible back seat (through the crevice where the seat folds down), then underneath the backseat, then running to the armest. The cable is for the most part out of sight except a small section that hugs the side of the seat.

Thank god I did not have to mess around with the glove box.

My 325 is finally road-worthy. =)

Originally Posted by trale View Post
Thanks for the responses guys, I will rethink the extension idea. I have a 2004 325Ci coupe, so that's not the issue. I'd just prefer to have a more "versatile" installation if possible - one that lets me easily uninstall the unit in the future. Seems like once I get it in the glove box, I'll never want to mess with it again.

Actually since I have a coupe, I might be able to take the advantage of the shorter car length. Can you confirm that the iPod cable is 4 ft? That ~might~ be long enough for the cable to reach from the trunk to say... somewhere near the bottom left side of the driver seat.

What do you think? Would there be a way for me to position the unit in a spot in the trunk that's as close as possible to the cabin, and route the iPod cable into the cabin (without having to drill holes or do any permanent damage)?
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