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Originally Posted by 02PRUV View Post
Ah ok. I will be shocked if this project doesn't get a piggback or aftermarket ECU soon.
I guarantee you this project won't be getting a piggyback ECU whatsoever. It will run solely on the factory reprogrammed ECU. Heck, it ALREADY IS running on the factory ECU It was driven from NJ down to FL, with the turbo kit installed and functioning, using the factory ECU.

From my experience you will get to a point where you will scrap the whole idea. It will work on low boost levels but turn it up it won't. Half throttle situations will have issues with boost trying to pour in and not being able to compensate with fuel at those times. Hopefully you don't waste too much time on it. Would of been nice if these DME's had a MAP sensor and all these issues would be avoided
No offense, but your experience doesn't equate to my experience. I have been tuning turbocharged BMW's using the factory ECU and blow-through MAF system for nearly a decade. I understand how these systems work, as well as what it takes to make them work in a forced induction configuration.

Your description of the issues you ran into indicates a lack of this knowledge. As such, I understand why you're so skeptical about it. So just hang on a little longer until everything is done and released. You'll then see that with the proper software tuning, this project IS possible

And for the record, running a MAP sensor vs a MAF sensor wouldn't have solved the fueling issues you experienced. But that is a discussion for another thread
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