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Originally Posted by CrazyOneToo View Post
Well ok. Go with what feels right in YOUR head.
I am perfectly ok with ONLY cleaning them and all three dash lights NOT being on anymore.
BTW do you "take it to a shop first" guys work for a BMW dealer?
These forums I think are for people who want to fix their cars on their own but with a lil help from others.
But hey, call the dealer. I garantee he will also insist you bring the car in EVERY time.
You sir are an idiot. If you read the thread in my sig do I say anything about taking it to the dealer? I say get the car scanned and diagnose it properly so you aren't wasting time and throwing parts at it. Do you have any idea how many different codes/parts can go wrong with the abs/dsc system? Obviously not. Sorry I've only been working in the auto industry as a tech/advisor/parts for 9 years, 6 of which are BMW so maybe I don't have your level of knowledge. I have helped people on this forum damn near more than anyone else on here and most people will vouch for that so you might want to do your research before you type.
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