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Originally Posted by CeeBoogie View Post
If you still have the problem then it's the 3rd TPS sensor under the intake manifold which is a pain to get to... I changed the gas pedal and the one in front of the engine and a year later the same thing happened again. I know a BMW tech and he hooked his computer up to the car and bam, it was the one under the intake manifold. Changed it and the car was fixed!
How do you actually remove the pedal?

Also, mentioned above is testing the sensor with a multimeter, im assuming this is with the ignition on and the sensor still in place using the multimeter in place of the sensor wire?

I am obviously having the same problems as everyone else, started happening a few days ago. If im careful with the throttle it doesnt seem to trigger the EML.

If someone would be good enough to confirm.

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