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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
I just got a book on meditation, but I haven't opened it up yet. No time.
I got the kindle version of the book JonJon keeps recommending and I'll be honest, it's pretty great. I've been doing it for ~a week now and I don't see myself stopping. I've always had a problem shutting my brain off at night and it has done wonders in that department, not to mention the sensations you feel in your body are just downright fun to experience.

Originally Posted by Yosha452 View Post
I currently work in a research lab working with Secreted Amyloid Precursor Protein (sAPP***945 and I found out that this protein may have to do with autism and Alzheimer's disease! Very interesting stuff if you are in the field.

We have shown previously that in a subset of patients with severe autism and aggression, plasma levels of the secreted amyloid-***946; (A***946 precursor protein-alpha form (sAPP***945 were significantly elevated relative to controls and patients with mild-to-moderate autism.
I was just reading over this article that points to varying conditions both prior to and immediately after birth as possible links to autism. I think the fact is that there isn't one single cause, but rather a constellation of things that manifest as autism.
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