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My Ride: e46 325xi, e36 344ic
M3 mirrors--painted

Got these mirrors for my 344ic, got the paint thru I was skeptical at first but they had vids so I figured the worst thing that could happen is that i had to take them someplace professional-- not the case at all.

Sand and filled in all the scratches, primed with 4 coats of primer then wet sanded with 1000 wet. Waited a day then base coated with 3 coats - waited a half hour then sprayed 3 coats of clear--I was amazed at the results-- see pics

Will post finished pics after wet sanding and buffing.

Took my time, followed directions and this is the result. I wont be afraid to paint small items ever again.

2001 325xi
1994 344ic

if you don't believe go to:
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