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Originally Posted by Jmanscotch View Post
There is but had to take it all apart again.

Here is where I took the Water Pump off and Timing Belt.

Got the Main Crank Timing Belt Pulley Off.

Clean the Exhaust Side of the Engine Block and the Piston.

Lifting the Engine for New Motor Mounts

Comparing the New and Old Motor Mounts

Driver Side Motor Mount is Trashed

Oil Pan Removed to Check out the Bottom End and Clean out the Grim.

Hello Oil Pump

Fresh Rebuild 885 Head (Found out Later its a SETA Head)

New Thermostat Housing and Stat

Installed the New Thermostat Housing and Rear Water Outlet

Skipped alot of Process and Slapped the Head on. Will redo on the Next Update with the Rebuild SETA with I Cam.

Installed Spark Plug Wires, Plugs, Oil Cap, and etc.

Installed new Timing Belt, Cover and Pulleys.

Almost Done

So then I decided to Fire it UP! Sounds SO MEAN!

So after that. I start filling up the radiator and getting it ready to bleed. Then I start it up to start the process and I got this

Came to found out that the Spray Bar was Clogged and Lash was done incorrectly During that time. I found out that the 855 head I have is not an I head but a SETA as it had a 4 Cam Bearing Cam. Below you can see there is only 4 oil passage.

After taking the Head apart. I inspected the cam and saw this.

I am picking up the head tomorrow after the mods that has been done 7 oil passage for 7 cam bearings. I will be installing the new I Cam, Rockers and Rod.
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